Our visions and our values

Respect to privacy of people, bailment, respect to grand human values, creating value, positive effect on society are among our key values. What makes Rahpouyan brand different from others is the simultaneous commitment to “building a superior life for the clients of Rahpouyan brand” and “worldview of Rahpouyan brand”.

  • Respect to the privacy of people

While, collecting information in association with product, company, good, promotion and distribution channel and generally our clients is among our duties, our sensitivity is to the privacy of people who are related to these processes directly or indirectly and observing these privacies indefinitely and non-reversibly.

  • Bailment

Bailment is the first condition for creating mutual trust. We and our clients both know as well this issue that the effectiveness of the cooperation only and only is possible by close relation and trust. Therefore, for this relation the clients of Rahpouyan brand must completely trust to us as their attorneys. Rahpouyan brand  knows critical its commitment to preserving commercial secrets of the clients under each condition and as strictly confidential and this is the value we know as the principle of bailment for Rahpouyan brand and we are highly committed to it.

  • Respect to grand human values and people freedom

We respect to the capacity and request of the people to perfectionism, like talent and viewpoints of clients, graduated peoples, colleagues, recruitment applicants and all the people who we get familiar during performing our duties with them. Rahpouyan brand doesn’t acti merely for benefit and highly respects people due to their human values regardless of their position and social category.

  • Creation of value

Creation of a value is one of the important commitments of Rahpouyan brand by avoiding from error and test and from scientific and specialized exploration in the reasons and causes. More than just theorizing, we are committed to create positive and sensible quantitative and qualitative changes in the business of our clients. Our efforts must directly cause the change of business path for clients towards the promotion of their abilities and creation of their competing advantages. Finally, more than just business, we are following to prepare the synthesis of a better life far from common concerns for the clients of Rahpouyan brand.

  • Positive effect on the society

Beyond trade boundaries, we follow positive and stable influence on society. We believe that our social responsibility as Rahpouyan brand is to provide a better world for life via the activities beyond ours and our clients’ benefits. We are following the endowment of a part of our financial and temporal resources for discovering in the direction of removing concern and problems of the world and the society we are living in. One of the important commitments of Rahpouyan brand is to try for motivating and encouraging our clients to save the resources and environment as one of the most important social responsibilities of the brands via production and supplying services and the products compatible with environment by efficient spending of energy and limited resources of earth.