Our branding suggestions

Our branding suggestions

The small and top part of iceberg which is observable is related to the conception of audiences on the target market and its origin is placed at underneath layers of brand iceberg and in an ocean of emotional needs of target market. Rahpoyan as a brand with its clients has traveled to the depth of emotional need ocean of target market to discover the hidden secret of their brand in the underneath structure of iceberg.

Besides accompanying our clients in the proper and depth understanding of emotional needs of their audiences, we help to promote the approach of people to the brand of their clients in a way that the person gets the emotional conception and using the brand can create a positive  distinguishing picture from himself in the others, as if he wants others to think about him.


  • Research and analysis of market

  • Research about market and competitors
  • The level of awareness and attitude towards brand and method of its change during time
  • Key strategy of distribution channel of client and competitors
  • Tendencies towards brand and the method of change during time
  • Key pricing strategies of clients and competitors
  • Brand strategy

  • Writing goal, mission and values of organization
  • Explaining the area of activity and business
  • Explaining the brand archetype, brand story, brand personality, brand smell and brand promise
  • Explaining brand message
  • Operation evaluation
  • Creating brand experience
  • Innovation
  • Customer relationship management
  • Designing

  • Designing name, logo and slogan of brand
  • Designing product and services
  • Designing advertising campaign
  • Ceremony of company
  • Personification of brand
  • Digital and content marketing

  • Production and development of content
  • Developing web
  • Digital marketing
  • Explaining context of content production
  • Infogram
  • Branding consultant:
  • The opportunities for change are not for others, these opportunities are for you.
  • If we don’t use our opportunities accurately, it will change to concern.