Our services and solutions

Our services and solutions


Rahpoyan brand presents variant general services and solutions in the field of aerial, marine, transit forwarding and a wide range of logistic services as “solutions for appropriate distribution” to its client all over the world. Logistic department of Rahpoyan guarantees an accurate, fast , safe and without-concern travel for the products of the client in addition to present specialized consultation for promoting efficiency and decreasing the logistic costs by our representatives in Germany, England,China,India,South Korea ,Turkey and U.A.E .

Attention to the last logistic needs that are created by globalization of supply chain.


The points of effect

  • Increasing trans-boundary outsourcing
  • Appearance and development of new markets
  • The increase of tendency to global supply strategies
  • More complex communication of supply chain



  • Identification and utilization of the opportunities from new markets
  • Compatibility with internal complex operational rules of countries
  • Managerial programs of selling in order to access utility in supply chain
  • Helping in selling/education of the management of sending orders
  • Continuous updating of abilities in IT context
  • “Rahpoyan Trading Department ” as a tool for managing new orders


Attention to latest logistic needs which have been created according  to the change of qualitative tendency from aerial to marine and road transportation


The points of influence

Changing tendency to marine and ground transportation because of:

  • Being more cost effective
  • Better management of supply chain
  • Limitation in allocating aerial transportation resources
  • Better management in marine and road transportation process
  • Infrastructural limitations in the developing countries


  • Cost engineering (aerial against marine / ground transportation)
  • The possibilities of using strategic allies and innovative solutions in this kind of shipment

Attention to the latest logistic increasing requirements to combined shipment programs and direct shipment services.


Effective points

  • Developing needs for direct shipment
  • Optimizing request and supply
  • Decrease of cost and travel time
  • Decrease of order-performing costs, inventory management and capital sleep



  • Related facilities of Rahpoyan in most entrances of important Asian cities
  • Organized international team for urgent supporting of internal needs
  • Multiple alliance of different shippers for facilitating logistic and shipping process