Conditions for utilization

Asia golden Rahpouyan company with the brand of Rahpouyan , the contents prepared in website is including the conditions and regulations of utilization which are mentioned in the following. We may change these conditions continuously in different times; therefore, we request for checking this site time to time. These conditions are updated in 2015. By accessing and using this site, you have accepted the terms of use. For receiving the explanations about the policies and experiences of Rahpouyan company in relation to compilation, documentation and use of users’ information, please refer to privacy page.

  1. Right of intellectual property and copyright

All the available contents and abilities in Rahpouyan website include literature, graphics, logos, icons, pictures etc. are considered among exclusive property of Rahpouyan corporation and are according the rules of intellectual property of IR of Iran.

  1. Brand

All brands used in the site include designs and logos (are totally called brand) including registered or not-registered are considered as Rahpouyan brand. By entering and using this site you announce your consent with not referring or ascribing any information directly or indirectly to Rahpouyan using this brand in any public media (for example news or websites) for the purpose of advertisement and advancement and/or information for affecting third person.

  1. Use of site contents

Hereby Rahpouyan gives the non-exclusive and non-transferable right of the contents of this site as print, download and copy on personal computer  to the person only and only for personal use and business of the person provided that all mentioned conditions and regulations in the conditions of use and privacy of this site are observed by the person. By the way, you are not allowed to publish, distribute, replicate the contents of site without written permission of Asia golden Rahpouyan corporation.

  1. The sent materials by user

You agree that Asia golden Rahpouyan corporation has the unlimited right of using, publishing or exploiting all information you have sent and/or has the right to publish on site to send survey response and you deprive yourself from any claim against Rahpouyan for violating privacy or public rights, moral rights or documents right in relation with the use and publish of such sending. You agree that you shouldn’t send and if there is a publication on the site, it must be without any (a) threat, defamation, insult, obscene materials (b) the thing that causes or encourages the behavior which leads to the creation of criminal offence, civil responsibility or rules violation; (c) violating intellectual property, invasion of privacy or other rights of each third party; (d) containing virus or other malicious elements; (e) containing advertisement; or (f) containing false or misleading information. Rahpouyan can’t and shouldn’t investigate all the information sent by users to the website and is not responsible for such information. Nevertheless, Rahpouyan has reserved the right for avoiding from sending and the right for removing any sending information totally or partly by a reason or without any reason.

  1. Statement of violating right of ownership by Asia golden Rahpouyan

Asia golden Rahpouyan corporation prohibits sending any information which violates copyright or other intellectual rights (including private and public rights) of a person or an institution. If you think the right of your intellectual property (or a right which you are responsible for that) is violated by any of the materials in the website, please send your written statement to Rahpouyan address which is shown in the following: including (a) identification from copyright and/or identified intellectual right which is claimed is violated by Rahpouyan; (b) identified materials having violation in website and there is request for removing it; (c) name, address, phone number during day, e-mail address if available; (d) a statement that shows your compete believe to the issue which use of copyright or testing intellectual right by owner, agent or law is not allowed; (e) a statement to show the mentioned information in the notice is accurate, under the punishment of perjury, which the signer is permitted to act in place of right owner who his right is violated; (f) the sign of the owner of intellectual property right or the person who is permitted to demand for right violation from the owner. Rahpouyan removes any sent writing which has violated copyright or other rights of intellectual property of the persons under the laws of IR of Iran after receiving such a statement. The law of IR of Iran provides paying considerable penalties for sending false statements. Under favorite conditions, the persons who frequently abuse or send non-legal materials will be inhibited from sending article or material. Refer to “contact with us” in order to contact with Rahpouyan and for sending statement.

  1. Disclaimer

Contents and functions in this website are provided by the condition that here Rahpouyan  is not following giving professional consultation and services to you. All the content and function in this website are “as mentioned” without any guarantee, implicit or explicit, also without limitation, containing buy and sell guarantee and being not suitable for a specific goal. Rahpouyan and the presenters of its third party content give no guarantee, implicit or explicit, for ownership, accuracy or quality of website content. Rahpouyan accepts no responsibility for any published information in the related websites available in the sent material by user or presented by third party. Not Rahpouyan and not the presenters of third party content are responsible for any indirect, implicit, important, criminal losses of the lost incomes or benefits; however the possibility of these losses may be notified and regardless of responsibility theory.

  1. Third party websites

We may use link for third party website, therefore some observable content in the website are indeed provided by third party website; its example is inside inspiration from the structure of third party website and or mixture via content frameworks which are provided by third party in servers. Rahpouyan has no responsibility about third party websites which are managed by the terms of use and policy of preserving privacy, if possible, presenters of third party content.

  1. Law of ruler; Competency of this court

These conditions are according cyber laws of IR of Iran without reference to conflicting principles of laws.