Rahpoyan Talaee Asia corporation  knows that your privacy is important. Rahpoyan is highly committed to preserve your privacy and personal information during using the website ( including subscription pages of the website. Moreover, the information which you give Rahpoyan  in response to e-mail request for more information or other Rahpoyan requests and/or the materials that are received by us via process of occupation program of Rahpoyan are in accordance with interaction privacy policy. In this website, observing privacy is written and Rahpoyan has described the  range of our commitment for preserving privacy. Rahpoyan may act to improve this policy of privacy based on its discretion. Every change in the issues related to our policies will be reflected in our page; therefore with time-to-time reference you can be informed of the method of gathering information and its using method. Using this website and  sending information to Rahpoyan, you are announcing your consent to use such information according the conditions which are described  here. This website may have some links for other sites that are not managed the privacy policies of this website, and Rahpoyan has no responsibility about violating privacy of third party websites. We encourage you to investigate privacy preservation of these websites before giving any information to them.

  1. How we gather and use information

Rahpoyan gathers the information of its users during the creation of account for this website, when they request a copy of our publication,follow additional information about our services or occupation opportunities and/or they are following registration for conferences and other Rahpoyan events. We may request from the registered persons in Rahpoyan, the initiated account and as other forms we may request more information including individual personal ID, financial information, the areas of interested subjects and/or demographic information. We may use these information in order to improve the experience of reviewers and/or if possible, for evaluating candidacy and selection for employment in Rahpoyan. Sometimes we collect the information about demographic, variants of systems and explorers of users for internal goals, because it helps us to understand better the number of our website users, determination of interesting subjects and determine if our website are user friendly or not. . Rahpoyan may also proceed for perform survey of users in website which usually is about providing information of Rahpoyan in relation to different subjects of users including user identity, repeat of users observation, request of users,relation to user needs and similar issues. Rahpoyan uses this collected information for improving the website, leadership and general experience of visitors. Every personal information which you prepare for us such as name, address, e-mail address, phone number, interesting issues etc. allow us to inform you about updating its services and also about other presented products and services that may be interesting for you. We do not sell, share and rent your private information to anyone, unless the third parties who may need the information of users in order to perform services by us; of course in relation with their services. Moreover, Rahpoyan may reveal your contact information in response to the questions by right owners in good faith in relation with the accusation of violation from copyright and/or other exclusive rights from the information which you have sent. The people who subscribe to common e-mail news, the opportunity during registration is given to them to select their advertisement, news and the information they are interested in. You can also freely contact us every time using the following method.

  1. Email address

We may collect the received electronic mail addresses from the users who are interested in receiving notification emails of publications and published media in the specific interested scope from the people who send us emails and/or announce interested about our services and/or participation in occupational opportunities and/or register for conferences and other events of Rahpouyan. However, we don’t share electronic mail addresses with every third part and we don’t send unrequested emails to all collected addresses unless in very rare conditions which are mentioned in the website.

  1. Cookies

Rahpoyan may use explorer cookie on this website for prosecuting your visits to its website. “Cookie” is a small amount of data which are sent from a web server to your browser and are saved in your computer hard disk. Using cookie allows us to prepare higher quality experience for users. Using cookies allows insert password automatically in order to enter some sections of the site; such that whenever the user visits our website there is no need to re-enter the password. We may also use cookies in order to trace most popular sections of users and to deeply perception the general issues of using the website. Most internet browsers allow you to delete cookies from your computer hard disk, to block all cookies and to receive an alert before having a cookie saved on your computer. Please note that by deactivating your browser cookie, some specific sections and/or features of site may be non-accessible for you.

This website, using Google Analytics, a web service presented by Google, uses cookies which are the files located in your computer for helping website analysis. The produced information by your used cookie is from the website saved by Google on the server in United States. Google uses these information in order to evaluate your use of website, to compile report of website activity for website operators and presenting other services related to website activity and use of internet. Using this website, .google is authorized to use your information for above goals.

  1. International transfer of information

Since, Rahpoyan is an international consultation company, the collected information in this website and/or other methods, may be transferred every time in the offices of Rahpoyan and/or personnel or the third parties located in all over the world, and this website may be observable in any point of the world including the countries in which the rules related to use and transfer of personal information are not recognizable. Using this website, sending information through website and/or presenting information to Rahpoyan through other tools, you agree to international transfer and receiving your information.

  1. Security processes

Rahpouyan in its corporation has technological processes and security operation which is designed for preserving personal identification information against destroying, misuse, changing or destruction. Only allowed staff and contractors have access to the information which you have provided and limited access to the area is needed. Every staff or contractor who access to personal information are identifiable and are obliged to preserve the privacy. However, we have taken the necessary steps which are accepted as industry standard for protecting identifiable personal information, but despite this, Rahpouyan can’t guarantee that identifiable personal information can completely block the access to the unauthorized persons to the presented private information of you and you have understood and accepted this issue by using this website.

  1. Link to other websites

Rahpouyan is not responsible for the methods of preserving privacy and/or content of non-Rahpouyan websites which we link to them from this website.

  1. According the rules

Rahpouyan is completely in accordance with all rules and regulations of preserving privacy. Rahpouyan  may be enforced to yield the information of their clients or personal users to legal references without user consent which has court sentence or similar legal or official order, and/or as requirement announcement and/or its license is issued by the regulations from each nation, government and/or other applicable Jurisdiction. Also, in the case of violation from the terms of use of this site and/or violating any limitation in using presented materials via this website, we may present personal information of user to the affected business partners and/or legal references.

  1. Children

Rahpouyan is the understanding of the importance of children privacy especially in their online interactions. This website is not designed for the children beneath 13 and youths and hasn’t targeted them intentionally.

  1. Using Rahpouyan website

Your access to website and use of website is being subjected to specific conditions the conditions which are summarized in our regulations and the terms of use.

  1. Contact with us

If you have any question about this policy of privacy and/or Rahpouyan group and using information, please contact us.