Iman Arasteh

Commercial Manager

Today, the fast changes in business causes intense competition; consequently to survive in the turbulent environment manufacturers need the best and the most economical way for supplying the raw materials in order to increase efficiency.
Although that is better to supply the raw materials from the sources inside our country for assisting the economic and industry of the country and support the domestic industry but expectations in today’s world are unlimited and none of the countries are so independent to supply all the products by themselves. Moreover all the countries are in different levels of technology improvement which result in some products to be produced with the best price and quality in comparison to the other countries. All countries are related to each other and manufacturers supply large amount of their raw materials from abroad.
Since each country has specified rules for import and export, it is necessary to depute the inquiries of supply process to the experts.
We as Rahpoyan Co. make all our efforts to supply the requested products with the best quality during reasonable period of time. In order to decrease concerns of clients, there is the possibility to track the requests step by step through the website.


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