Solmaz  Amini

Solmaz Amini


In the current world of competitive and stressful business, all economic institutions, companies and organizations are following competitive advantages for survival and upgrade. Having several years of experience in different production industries , service companies , also education in industrial and managerial fields and by studying about successful organizations, I believe  that the only way to have a powerful organization is having expertized, efficient and motivated human forces. Therefore, I have tried to respond in the best way to the needs of customers by right investment on potential people and its combination with efficient technology and effective management, and I have tried to provide lasting results for them by creating competitive stable benefits through special solutions and distinct experience of a superior life and the sense of relief from routines and common problems of business world. Also I have smoothed the path for presenting the best services to the clients by creating the offices in the countries which have  the highest commercial transactions with Iran.

We are ready to alter your business and  present a good life to you by organizational and managerial strategies, consistent and flexible executing methods with a dynamic environment in accordance with clients desires and needs.


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