The consultant Word

As a branding consultant who has studied MBA and have had the honor of working with various companies during the last 16 years, I believe in the statement that says “Products are made in the factory, but brands are created in the mind.” I have seen personally that several large production companies have tried their best to manufacture a high quality product and have invested heavily in this direction but unfortunately have not prospered in earning a share in the market and perhaps in order to survive, are forced to reduce the costs and dismiss all their previous effective measure for achieving a superior quality. In the competitive world of business today in which all the competitors consider having superior quality a necessity, branding is an extremely effective tool in taking the market leadership. Earning a share in market is initiated by earning a share of people’s minds. Helping in creating the brand infrastructure to supply the products and services that are in accordance with customer’s needs and desires and yet being distinct from the competitors such that it can establish an emotional relationship with the audience in its target market, is a combination of skill, expertise, talent and innovation and participating in this is a pleasure that makes me love what I do as a consultant.